As the weather slowly starts to improve and tiny glimpses of spring start to appear around me, I have an innate need to throw open the doors and windows and let the light and fresh air stream into the house: to connect to the outside

Meanwhile the little versions of me complain that it's cold, ask what I am doing opening doors, and shiver and wrap themselves a little tighter in their winter blankets, and hug their electronics a little closer to their chests. 

 But like the flowers and elements (and unlike the children it would appear) I feel that I too am waking up from a winter sleep. Creativity begins to stir and sees the need for colour in dark spaces, for sound to call some life back into the dampness of the earth. And I'm torn between the day job, fulfilment of orders (because you need to keep the production going, right?) and wanting to make new things, exciting things, things to make it all pretty. I want to get outdoors and plant and dig and dry washing on the line and just enjoy being outside in my own company.

Then suddenly it all got serious.Suddenly we're told to stay at home. To avoid crowds. Not to socaialise. Suddenly the world got a little smaller and the media reports got a little more scary - the economy is in dire straits, the end of the world is nigh (a step too far maybe?).

But it got me thinking about our little business and our impact on our own life and our immediate world. Are we doing all we can to ensure that we are being as kind to ourselves and the planet as we can possibly be? Are we aware of our social impact? Is this what we planned to do with our time?

Resoundingly, "Yes".

We source locally where we can and use eco-friendly packaging and processes. We've even got a number of up-cycled products (yes, it is possible to make something beautiful out of someone else's throw-aways!) but how can we can improve and make it better?

And suddenly the threat of isolation has became more than hiding away until the big bad has passed. It's become about re-evaluating. Resting. Healing. Learning new things. Going back to basics. Waking up. Whatever you want to call it, think of it as Gardening Leave; a time to plant new seeds and watch them grow. 

Happy Gardening!