Make it a habit to record special moments and brilliant ideas in the private space of a journal.

Get out of your head, into your heart and onto paper more often. It’s tremendously helpful, whether you’re a budding writer, artist or just have great ideas!

We love these wooden-backed journals – they are so versatile and you can take them anywhere, knowing that your most precious thoughts and ideas will be kept safe and uncrumpled between the tough sheets of wood. Say goodbye to the dog-eared scrapbook and hello to our hard-wearing yet beautiful journal for all of your most personal thoughts and brilliant ideas.

Our stunning wooden books come in either A4 (for all your biggest ideas) or in A5 for the little crackers that come to you when you least expect them. They are perfect for any bag or rucksack and will keep your jottings safe for years.

The wooden covers are available in a range of colours and can be personalised in pyrography.

We are busily working on more personalisation options at the moment and should soon be able to offer these with some gorgeous designs transferred directly onto the wood – we’ll keep you posted!