Sometimes you find yourself with a shiny new notebook and you just don’t know what to do with it. It was a gift, you found it at the back of your desk drawer, or you saw it on and couldn’t resist.

But now that you have it, you may find yourself stuck. What will this beautiful blank paper hold? The feeling of excitement can be overwhelming and it can be a little daunting to have so much white paper and no idea how to fill it up, so here are a few ideas to inspire and motivate you to start pouring yourself into the pages.   


Morning pages are based on the principle that you write three pages each and every morning before you get started with your day to clear your head of worries and focus your mind.  


Track your dreams and ponder their significance (or, perhaps, their absurdity!). Make sure to do it first thing in the morning before you forget. 


For me, nothing is better than having a sketchbook that I can revisit after a few years to have an insight into what the past me was thinking. At ChickenPink, we select the very best sketching paper in our journals, with very good ‘tooth’ (explanation here).


This is less of a journal to pour your thoughts and more of a ledger to jot down some happenings or insights of the day. No more than a couple of sentences, this record of ‘actions’ rather than ‘feelings’ allows you to observe patterns over time. 


Keep all your colour ideas, budgeting, first dance inspirations, guest lists, etc. in one place. Take your notebook with you to jot down ideas on the move, or sketch the outline of your dream dress. 


You can plot out where you want to plant your favourite plants and monitor the water, sunlight, temperature, and growth of your garden. This is a great way to plan your garden and make sure it’s full of colour throughout the year 


Write down sweet things for your children to give to them when they’re older. Take a note of the funny things that your children say when they are little – this will provide both something to share with them when they are old enough to have children of their own, but also great ammunition for that embarrassing wedding or party speech.  


Have you ever wanted to learn calligraphy? Or just improve your handwriting? Use your notebook for perfecting your penmanship. Have you ever wanted to lear calligraphy? Or just improve your handwriting?  


Sometimes, there is nothing better than writing a letter to get your emotions, frustrations, anger or pain out. More often than not, the resulting letter is best not sent – so use your journal to vent your true feeling. It’s very therapeutic – just don’t let in fall into the wrong hands! 


Write something positive in your journal each day. On the days when you’re feeling low, there’s nothing better than reading back to remind you how good things really are.  


Keep track of all the things you want to read, see or places you want to eat – a veritable bucket list of treats!  


If you’re feeling unwell, or suffer from a long-term illness, this can be a vital information source for you and for any medical professional who may need more detail. Use your journal to keep track of symptoms – and positive responses!  


Keep all your recipes in one attractive notebook. You can also write down alterations to recipes and opinions to experiment with cooking. A great place to keep track of your inspirations too! 


January is a great time of year to start a new exercise plan, and what better way to plan and keep track (and perhaps MOTIVATE you) than a daily record of your achievements. 


Write down how you spend every penny. This can be truly eye-opening – and help you to plan your savings better! 


Every day come up with a six-word story. At first, this is really difficult but with practice it’s a really fun exercise. 


This is pretty self-explanatory. Where have you always wanted to go? Who would you love to see? What do you have daydreams about achieving? Make a list and tick them off as you go! 


It’s amazing how quickly forget the little details of that perfect holiday. And it’s amazing how rewarding it is to looks back on your perfect trip on a cold and damp November day! Save