We have two lovely lovely chickens (Dilly and Psycho) who live in our garden. They are lovely little bantams who peck about in the shrubbery making dust-baths for themselves and clucking gently to each other.

They also pick up their petticoats and squark indignantly when they are chased by a cat.

We have two cats - Mike (named Mike because 'She's My Cat', 'No! She's MY cat') and Luna who has always been an outside cat.

Recently, we have been working very hard with Luna to bring her inside (after yet another cold and damp Devon winter!). 

Luna is now our very best friend and follows Clare about EVERYWHERE and we are delighted that Luna will now be happily curled up in front of the fire this winter (I know, it's still a long way off!) rather than shivering outside looking damp.

This has its perks. Mike and Luna seem to have reached an agreement to ignore each other in the house, we now have a cat each when we sit down in the evenings and most importantly we seem to have acquired a new helper with all our book-making at ChickenPink HQ.

I'm not sure that she's overly helpful, but it's really funny and I really believe that she thinks she is ACTUALLY helping us. Take a look and judge for yourself!